Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo have rapidly become one of the biggest and most well-known UK based bingo sites and this is due to their huge television  advertising deals which saw them sponsor  some very well-known shows, and by becoming a household name they have managed to acquire a huge number of players and that means the jackpots they offer are truly massive!

So if you are a UK based bingo player looking to move your bingo player from your local bingo club into the online world then this is one site you should seriously consider doing just that on as they have plenty of benefits and little extras to give away much more than your local bingo hall could ever offer and of course you can play from the comfort of your own home.

You will of course be able to fund your Wink Bingo account using Pounds Sterling and boy do they have some truly excellent offers currently up for grabs, once you first fund your account with them for as little as a tenner you will then get to spin their bingo wheel and this can award you with an extra free bonus worth up to an amazing 1000.00, image the bingo fun you can have with a balance that big!

They also offer a large first deposit bonus in addition to the wheel spin promotion mentioned above and this will let you triple your very first deposit by virtue of their 200% welcome bonus offer, we suggest you pop over to their website to find out how to claim this bonus which is instantly credited to your Wink Bingo account so you can hit those bingo rooms in no time at all with more money than you deposited and buy up plenty of extra bingo cards many of which we hope will be winning ones!

To keep you playing for longer and as a thank you for your loyalty they are also giving you the ability to claim a 50% deposit on every other deposit you make, why on earth would you want to play anywhere else when every deposit you make is worth 50% more at Wink Bingo! Plus as if all that wasn’t enough they will also let you claim a 10% cash back on your losses, once again we suggest you checkout their website for more details on this excellent value for money offer which cannot be beaten by any other online bingo site.

You will be able to play two different types of bingo at Wink Bingo the first is the hugely popular 90 all bingo version, here you are given a card which contains 15 numbers in total these will be numbers from one to ninety and they are spread across three lines, the aim of a 90 ball bingo game is that as there are three prizes on offer you must first try and be the first player to complete any one line across your card by crossing off the numbers as they are called out. The prize for the one line win is the smallest one offered in 90 ball bingo.

The next prize offered at 90 ball bingo is awarded for a two line win, you simply need to be the first player to cross off any two lines on any one of your bingo cards, the prize offered for doing this is larger than a one line win.

The biggest prize offered on a 90 ball bingo game is reserved for the first player who manages to cross off all 15 numbers  on any one of the bingo cards they have purchased for that particular bingo game, the prize awarded is huge and if you manage to cross of your numbers in less than the advertised jackpot amount then you will also bag yourself the jackpot pay-out, so if you call house in 38 numbers drawn for example and the jackpot paid is for 45 numbers or less than you have hit the big one!

The second bingo variant which is offered at Wink Bingo is the 75 ball game, this is played on a bingo card which is presented in a grid format,   you will see the grid is divided into 5 rows and 5 columns, and often the middle square is a free square which means it is crossed off automatically without you having to wait for a number to be called.

The number of different playing patterns on a 75 ball bingo game is huge, however the most common winning patterns are either any line up down, across, side to side or your four corner numbers, only one prize of offered (usually on a 75 ball bingo game) so the first player to should house and win is going to bag the entire prize pool.

The 75 ball Bingo game at Wink Bingo is also used for their chat bingo games, these are a community type game where little extras are awarded to players, you need to have the chat room software up and running from within the bingo site to enable you to take part in these kinds of games which are great fun and a great way to let you meet new online bingo playing friends.

When it comes to huge big bingo prizes then you really should checkout Wink Bingo as they have plenty of them available each day of the week, checkout their bingo schedule which can be found once you land on their website as this lists all of the days up and coming bingo paying jackpot bingo games and if you want to be in with a chance of winning some life changing money then these are the games you should be entering!

So what are you waiting for get yourself over to the Wink Bingo website and find out for yourself why they are fast becoming the UK’s most played at online bingo site and do not forget that these also have plenty of free play bingo games running throughout the day so you can play bingo for free at no risk and yet still can win some real money prizes.