Bingo Canada – Top Canadian Bingo Site

Now then, when you are living or residing in Canada there are going to be several factors that you need to bear in mind when you are looking around the web searching for an online bingo site at which to play, and right at the top of this list should be that the site at which you are thinking of playing at has the Canadian Dollar as its base currency, you do not need us to tell you that with the hourly fluctuations in currency exchange rates your deposits and also your withdrawals can be massively affected should they move in the wrong direction when you have just deposited or made a withdrawal.

With this in mind we had to do a lot of research to find an online bingo site that catered primarily for Canadian players and therefore allowed you to play in your own home currency, the site had also to be able to tick all of the boxes when it came to such things as offering a large selection of bingo game types and also the speed at which they paid out if you had a lucky winning session.

Well we looked and looked, searched and searched and managed to get our list down to three of them, then we put them through their paces and played at each one of them, looking at such things as how generous their welcome bonuses were and also how well they treated regular players with such things as on-going bonuses, special promotions and offers and then we whittled this list of three down to one and we are more than confident that is you are a Canadian based player then the list listed below is going to live up to your high expectations.

Well it may come as no surprise to you if you have played there before but Bingo Canada came out on top in our search for the finest and most outstanding online bingo site for Canadian players, well there name really does befit their site very well and if you are seeking the best of everything when it comes to playing bingo online you simply will not find a better site than this one and that is a guarantee!

To celebrate the fact that they are our top rated Canadian bingo site they are currently giving away a completely free of charge 25.00 no deposit bonus, this will allow you to test them out for yourself to see if they are as good a bingo site as we have told you they are! The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes and Bingo Canada are more than prepared to put their money where their mouth is and prove to you just how good they are, with offers this good you simply have nothing to lose and a lot to gain should those bingo balls start to get called out in your favour of course!

Now the generous bonuses will not end with this first free no deposit bonus, for if you like what you see when you play there, and we are more than confident that you will then you can go on to claim a couple of even more generous offers that will give you plenty of bingo bang for your Canadian Dollars!

All first time depositing players can grab themselves a 300% welcome bonus and that just has to make your bank roll stretch out as far as it can and with the cost of their tickets and bingo cards being minimal you will be playing for hours and hours and hopefully winning plenty of bingo games too even on the most modest of deposits.

The big fat bingo bonuses do not end with the first deposit bonus either as when you feel the time is right for you to make your second deposit into the state of the art and very stylish Bingo Canada site they will also give this a huge 250% boost, you surely have to win some bingo games with all this free cash and do not forget when you do indeed win you will get some very fast pay outs too they never keep their army of players waiting for their withdrawals they know that by giving you rapid  hassle free pay outs you will be a happy player and happy players become loyal players so it really is a win win situation!

One thing you will find at Bingo Canada that we have not seen offered nor available at any other bingo site are their Bingo Tournaments, these are a great way and a very cost effective way for you to get your bingo playing fix whilst at the same time being able to bag yourself some really good cash prizes, they work similarly to a poker or slot tournament where the idea is to play bingo as quickly as possible whilst earning yourself a prize paying position on the bingo tournament leader board, the higher you manage to get on this leader board the bigger and better the cash prizes will be so aim big and go for gold and glory!

If you are quite partial to playing slot machines then you will be spoilt for choice should you give Bingo Canada a try, they have all of the most popular slot games which come in all shapes and sizes from the very basic yet very quick paying and playing classic slot machines to the all action singing and dancing multi line video slots which come packed with bonus feature rounds, you will also find a small yet great paying range of casino games and all of these additional games can be played alongside the bingo games, so you will never miss out on that bingo action!

Get yourself over to Bingo Canada now and join in the fun and games and let us hope you win something big with that free no deposit bonus which they are currently offering to all new players, good luck and enjoy yourself.