Red Bus Bingo

Most online bingo sites do not really jump out of the page at you however we have found one which is perfectly themed and thanks to a recent television marketing exercise in the UK they have made a name for themselves and are growing at a fast pace of knots thanks to many players trying them out and actually liking hat they see and found when they did, and if you are a UK based bingo player looking around for a new site at which to play you owe it to yourself to check the following site out.

Red Bus Bingo  is the bingo site we are talking about and the theme of this hot new site is, as you may have already guessed, one of a trip around London on one of the famous red buses, the original Route Master buses may have now have gone but thanks to this great looking site and of course Boris’s brand new Route Masters you do not need to visit London to get a feel for this great capital city!

We guess we should start by telling you what you can get by way of welcome bonuses over at Red Bus Bingo, well unlike other bingo sites Red Bus like to do things slightly different and their welcome bonus offer is certainly unique, as long as you make a deposit of at least 5.00 then you will be able to take part in this great promotion and that is not really a lot of money at all!

After you have made this deposit you will then be allocated a scratch card which is a guaranteed winner, you will not of course know how much you have been awarded until you give it a scratch however the minimum you are guaranteed to win is 7.50 and the maximum is a whopping 2000.00!

See we told you they like to do things differently and with only a fiver needed to bag a bonus which could be worth an amazing 2000.00 you really should give it a try as you could be rolling in the dough! There are plenty of other on-going bonuses, offers and promotions which makes them a great site to play at and we shall now take a look at some of these other great offers.

Playing bingo for free whilst having the chance to win some cold hard cash is always going to get bingo players excited and you can do just that at Red Bus Bingo and unlike other sites who offer small little amounts via their free play bingo games at Red Bus you can win a massive 1000.00 in cash and these free play games run each and every day, so make sure you make a date to sit down and play for free as someone has to win that cash and simply be entering you could make that person yourself!

When you are playing bingo on a strict budget you really do need to shop around to try and get the best value from all of your online bingo play and Red Bus Bingo cater for all level of bingo player and this means they have got bingo cards and tickets available that will cost you just 1p each! So playing bingo for a penny is possible at Red Bus Bingo, and with these penny games offering jackpots of 50 quid you can win some really healthy amounts should those bingo balls start to get called out your way!

Friday night at 9.30pm is when the mother of all bingo games is played at Red Bus Bingo, these games offer truly massive prizes, tickets cost 1.00 each and the minimum prize on offer is 500.00 however the jackpot available should everything slot into place for one lucky bingo player is a massive one million pounds! You should not miss out when the jackpot is that high and at just a pound a ticket can you afford not to give it a go?

The software which is used t Red Bus Bingo is state of the art and comes with lots of different features which enhances your bingo play, for a start their software lets you pre purchase tickets should you not be able to play at certain times of the day yet still want to take part in those games, simply purchase the tickets and leave the software to play your cards for you it will even should house should you get a winning ticket.

The two kinds of bingo you are going to find at Red Bus Bingo is 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo, so no matter which one you prefer to play you will find plenty of different bingo rooms waiting for you, and as they are a 24 hours a day bingo site they never close so no matter when you have some time available you can also find plenty of bingo action available.

Most bingo sites offer a range of casino type games which are available to play alongside the bingo games, however Red Bus Bingo not only offer these types of games but to be a little different they also offer some unique instant play type games and these are much like the games you may have played as a kid in the sea side amusement arcade, so if you were a fan of the  mechanical horse racing game or even like to play a simple game such as higher or lower then they have those kinds of games ready and waiting for you.

Red Bus Bingo pride themselves on not only providing a great selection of bingo games but you will also be able to get paid quickly when you win, there are no end of stories online about bingo players not getting paid on time or even at all at some less than reputable sites however you can rest assured that when you play and win at Red Bus Bingo you will get in the fastest possible time frame.