How To Play Bingo

If you have never played online bingo before then below we have a step by step guide which will tell you everything you need to know about playing online, even if you are technically un-savvy you will be amazed at just how easy it is to play bingo ad once you experience the fun and entertainment value gained by playing bingo we think you will be back for more. So have a good read through our short guide before and then settle down and give it a try, you never know you could be sat there in a few minutes looking at a huge bingo jackpot win!

The first thing you will need to do is to find a top class and reputable online bingo site at which to play, however to save you a whole lot of time we have tracked down the best sites available and they are all listed for you in the side menu, you can find full in-depth reviews of all of our approved online bingo sites or you may prefer to search for them by geographical regions, have a good look through them all as they are simply the best one around and you will never go wrong playing at any of them.

Next you will need to decide whether you wish to take and accept any of the bingo bonuses which are offered, you will see as you go through the reviews there are many different types of bingo bonuses up for grabs, the best ones are usually those that let you have a no deposit bonus as by taking these you will get a good feel for how the bingo software works and operates and it won’t cost you anything to do just that, in face you may win some games and end the session well in profit!

There are some deposit bonuses available and these will require you to make a deposit into the casino, you are best to fully read through all of the terms and conditions of such bonuses as often they will require you to play a certain amount of games or churn through the bonus amount a certain number of times by playing many bingo games, there are however some very generous ones listed on our site and they will certainly enhance you game play and who know you could win big with a deposit bonus which has helped boost up your bingo budget!

Once you have found an online bingo site from our listing that you fancy playing at then then have decided whether to take the bonus or not you will now need to sign up nd register at the bingo site, simply click on the register button which is clearly displayed on all of our reviewed bingo sites and then fill in the form, this will only take a few minutes however ensure that all of your details are correct and the bingo site will check these to ensure you are who you say you are and for age verification purposes.

Once you have been issued with a username and password then simply use those details to log into the bingo site, the software does not need to be downloaded as it is flash powered which basically means it loads instantly, once you have logged in you will then need to click on the cashiers tab to get some fund transferred into your casino account, you are free to use any of the listed methods at that particular bingo site, however once again always ensure you details are true and valid, all of our featured online bingo sites have full security systems in place and your transactions are fully encrypted before being sent.

Your deposit will then be added instantly into your account once it has been processed, and if you have opt in to accept any bingo bonus then this also will be added at the same time to your bingo account balance, all that remains for you to do now is to pick one of the many different bingo rooms at which to play, these will be all fully listed in the bingo games menu and as such you will instantly see the price of each ticket in each room and how much the current bingo game is paying out as the prize pool.

Once you have found a room you like the look of then simply click on it and that bingo room will launch, what you now need to do is to purchase some tickets for the next game, there will be a countdown clock in the room and this will show you how soon the next game is going to start in, make sure you buy your tickets with some time to spare! You simply need to choose how many tickets you wish to use by clicking on the plus or minus figure and once you are happy the click on buy or click on the purchase button, you will then have bought that amount of tickets and your balance will be debited by the relevant amount.

Once the bingo game starts and the numbers begin to get drawn out of the bingo drum you will be pleased to learn that the bingo software will automatically cross off any called out numbers which you have on your card or cards and then should you get any bingo cards that have only a few numbers left to be crossed off the software will move these cards to the front of the screen so you can closely keep track of them and will them to appear!

Should you be a winner and have won a game the bingo software will automatically call house for you, the game will stop, your tickets will be checked and all of your winnings will be instantly added to  your current balance and then you can choose to buy more tickets for the next game, or move to another bingo room and try your luck in there,.

Should you wish to call it a day and cash out your winnings then simply click on the cashiers tab and request a withdrawal by following the onscreen instructions!