Heart Games

It seems that everyone is opening up an online bingo site these days and here we have ` Heart Games who, if you didn’t know, are a radio station, you may have heard of Heart FM, well if you have then this is their very own bingo site, and we think it is rather a good bingo venue at which to play especially if you are looking for a big jackpot win for very small stakes, keep on reading to find out what they have to offer you and all new players who take the plunge and give them a try today.

It is true to say that it is the bingo software which either makes a bingo site popular with players or one that they avoid, and with Heart Bingo you are going to find one of the most reliable and easy to use online bingo software platforms, so not matter whether you are a bingo playing professional or a complete novice one thing is guaranteed and that is that you are going to enjoy using and playing online bingo with their state of the art software.

You will of course be wanting a bonus when you first play at Heart Bingo and with this in mind they have put together a huge and very generous one, simply make your very first deposit with them after signing up and they will give it a 200% boost, and this is capped at a huge 200.00 so you really can get a massive amount of bonus cash should you think they are worthy of your custom!

To ensure you get really good value for money they have also put in place several Buy One Get One Free bingo games, and as the name suggests whenever you buy one bingo card you get one free, the more you buy the more you get completely free of charge, many players stick to playing in BOGOF bingo games as they truly do offer players the best value,  if you fancy getting lots and lots of free bonig cards then the time to be online and playing at Heart Bingo is between any of the following times, 10am to 11am, 1pm and 2pm and  6pm to 7pm.

Ticket prices will not break your bank either as you can buy them from 25p in their linked bingo games, these are there high paying games played daily between 11am and 11pm and with jackpots that can be as high as 1000.00 this is a great way to not only get your bingo playing fix but also bag yourself a huge jackpot win, make sure you make a date in your bingo diary and look out for these great paying games which run on the hour every hour between the two times mentioned above.

Once you try them we think you will like them, so much so that Heart Bingo will give you a free tenner simply for referring a friend to their great bingo site, so if you have any friends who you know like playing bingo then why not give them the nod and once they sign up and play that free tenner will be all yours!

It is not just bingo games you are going to find at Heart Bingo, you will also find a full suite of casino games, and this means that whenever you fancy a change from playing online bingo then a huge amount of slot machines are just a click away and you can put them through their paces in free play mode or why not dip your toe into the water and play them for real money where the jackpots are yours too keep!

The most popular bingo version found at Heart Bingo is the 90 ball bingo game we are sure you will have played this type of bingo before, but if you haven’t then it is very simple to play, 90 balls are loaded into the bingo drum and you will buy tickets which have 15 numbers from one to ninety printed upon them, they are presented  in three rows of 5 numbers and once the game begins one number at a time is pulled out of the bingo drum and called out, if any of your tickets has a number which has been called out printed on them then the software will cross that number off each card.

The aim of the game of 90 ball bingo is to be the first player to cross of a line of 5 numbers, when either you or another player achieves just that then the game moves onto the second phase, here a player must be the first to cross of two lines of 5 numbers, then once a player manages that a full house game is played and the first player to cross off all 15 numbers on any one card that they have purchased will win the full house prize. The prizes are tiered for a one line, two line and full house win with the full house prize being the biggest and best.

Heart Bingo also have some huge paying bingo jackpot games, these are played on the 90 ball bingo game and the way you can bag a massive pay-out is by getting a full house on any of your purchased bingo cards for that particular game, however to win a huge cash prize you must claim a full house in a certain number of numbers called or less, this information can be found on the bingo games rules o the jackpot bingo game which you are playing.

Why not get yourself over to the Heart Bingo site right now and find out what else they are offering new players, and whilst you are there you can also tune into their live radio audio stream so not only have you bop around to their latest tunes and songs but you can also play bingo, let us hope you manage to bag yourself a huge jackpot win and get a shout out on air!