Cyber Bingo

When it comes to deciding what makes an online bingo site popular it is often the age of that site which gives a good indication of just how good it is. Online bingo first hit the web in the mid 1990’s and since then it has gone on to be one of the most popular gambling type games played online with tens if not hundreds of thousands of bingo players logged on an playing the game they love at any one time.

Cyber Bingo  was one of the first bingo sites to hit the web and as such we take our hat off to them as they are still going strong to this day, and with literally thousands of online bingo sites to choose from and competition between these sites never having been so strong the fact that they are still out their providing layers with a great looking and playing bingo site does say a lot about them, and as a cherry on top we have never heard of one player complaint about them and in all those years that has to be something of a record, so if you are seeking a new place to play bingo online at then they are certainly ticking all the right boxes so far, let us take a look at what else they have to offer both new and existing players to see if they are worth you checking them out and giving them some play time.

Well their website certainly looks good, a clear, well presented site on which you will find all of the information about them. They offer plenty of player bonuses so if you have never played at Cyber Bingo before then make sure you checkout the terms and conditions of their huge deposit bonus offer that will give even the smallest deposit a very healthy boost.

If you are an existing player of Cyber Bingo then you will be pleased to learn that you have not been forgotten about, and all loyal players who already have accounts at Cyber Bingo can fill their boots will reload bonuses that can be worth as much as 100% of your deposited amount, further details on these bonuses can of course be found on their website so if you are getting the urge to play bingo then they are certainly worth a try for either a new or existing player.

To ensure you can win all manner of little and not so little extras when you play at Cyber Bingo they have a large array of on-going player promotions that have been put together to ensure you will get plenty of excitement, you can win anything from free cash to exotic holidays and as most of the competitions are completely free to enter you could win for real without spending a penny! Visit the promotions page of their website as it is regularly updated with their current promotional offers.

Cyber Bingo have also added a range of casino game tournaments to their promotional offers, not only do they have all your favourite bingo games running 24 hours a day but did you know they know have a vast array of casino games, and these can be played completely free of charge in free play mode or you may opt to play and win for real, if you like casino games then these tournaments will definitely appeal to you and offer some huge cash prizes, someone has to win them and that person could be you!

Make sure you also keep your eyes peeled for their weekly newsletter this is the key to knowing what they are offering in the week ahead and with plenty of big paying bingo jackpot games announced via their newsletter you really should not miss it, it can be found online or look out for it appearing via your email inbox!

You can play both 75 and 90 ball bingo at Cyber Bingo so no matter what your favourite kind of bingo game is they will have a game about to start, if you are new to the 75 ball bingo game then it is much like the type of bingo that used to be played in sea front amusement arcades, you get a bingo card in a grid format with five rows and columns  and each card you purchase has 25 possible positions, to give you a head start the middle square is a free square and once the game is set in motion you will be playing for a line up down across or you four corner numbers.

Bingo chat games also use the 75 ball bingo games as the base game and these are played with the chat room software launched and here your friendly chat master will inform you of what the next game is and how you can claim little extras should you be the next lucky winner, if you have never played bingo chat games before then make sure you find out when they are up and running and join in a few of them they are a great way to meet new bingo friends online.

The 90 ball bingo game is the more commonly known and much loved bingo variant and when you play this game which as the name suggests uses 90 bingo balls, you buy tickets which have just 15 numbers printed on each one, there are three rows of five numbers on each ticket.

90 ball bingo games are made up of three different phases and each phase of the game has a bigger and better cash prize attached to it,  the game begins with a single  line prize so the first player to complete a line of five numbers wins, the next phase is a two line game and the winner is the first bingo player to make off all numbers on any two lines of one single card, then the game moved onto the big game and this is a full house, be the first playing to mark off all 15 numbers and you have won the top prize for that particular bingo game.