Bingo Fabulous

Bingo Fabulous  is the place to visit if you like your bingo fast and furious, they are a long established bingo site who are famed for their regular playing games and the high jackpots that they offer and with lots of qualities and playing features unique to them we better get straight down to telling you why they are one of our top rated bingo sites.

The choice and variety of bingo games available is what makes any bingo site either highly playable or one to avoid and at Bingo Fabulous they offer both the 75 ball bingo and its sister game the 90 ball bingo version if you have never played one or either of these games then fear not they are both easy and very exciting games to play more so when your numbers start to get called out.

75 Ball bingo is often associated with sea side amusement centres and arcades, it is a fast paced game where you buy cards which has 24 four numbers on each, the card itself it basically a grid and which is divided into five columns and five rows, the middle square is known as the free square so you do not need to cross off or wait for any number to be called out for that position.

The standard game of 75 ball bingo is played for any line up, down or across any card purchased and this single phase game is quick to play and quick to win on, the Bingo Fabulous software keeps track of each card you have bought automatically so you will never miss out on a winning ticket as it also calls house for you!

There are also Chat Bingo games available and these games use the 75 ball bingo format, the idea of these types of bingo games is that you need to be in the bingo sites chartroom to take part and the chat host will let you know what special patterns you are playing for and all chat games let you win little extras when you win so they are certainly worth checking out and playing!

90 Ball bingo is another variant of bingo and this one you will have no doubt come across in bingo clubs up and down the land, when you take part in these kinds of bingo games you are given a ticket which has 15 random numbers printed on them from one to ninety, they are spread across three lines which five numbers on each line.

The 90 ball bingo games at Bingo Fabulous are split into three different parts, the game will commence with you playing for one line, then when someone manages to do just that the game moves onto a two line game, the prize for winning a two line game is higher than a one line game.

The final part of Bingo Fabulous’s 90 ball bingo game is the full house, this part of the game offers the highest prize and the first person on their site to completely cross off all fifteen numbers on any one bingo ticket will be deemed to be the winner and will take the highest paying part of the game, should more than one person win then this prize is shared equally between them both.

You will no doubt be wondering what bonuses you will be able to avail yourself of should you sign up and play at Bingo Fabulous, well you will be able to claim a 100% welcome sign up bonus which is your chance to claim a whopping 100.00 as a new player and this will mean you get twice the amount of money to play with that you deposited and that can mean twice the fun!
Bingo Fabulous will also reward your loyalty to their brand and as such each and every subsequent deposit you make into their bingo site will qualify for an instant 50% bonus, so if you are seeking the ultimate value from your bingo playing budget then Bingo Fabulous has to be the place to head too for those on-going bingo bonuses.

Not only will you get this on-going deposit bonus but every time you play for real money and purchase bingo cards you will also be earning yourself rewards points, and these are just like a Tesco Club Card where the more you spend the bigger and better the rewards are, visit their website today and click on the rewards tab for more details.

Everyone likes to dream of winning that big life changing jackpot win when playing bingo and that is something that really can happen at Bingo Fabulous thanks in no small part to their regular big jackpot bingo games, these run throughout the week and with low cost ticket prices and plenty of fun and games you should checkout their jackpot bingo schedule and make a date in your bingo playing diary.

Make sure you read the Bingo Fabulous Bingazette, this is their weekly newsletter which can be found online and it will keep you fully informed and updated on what the following week has to offer in terms of promotions, competitions and special bingo games, you will never miss out on having the chance of winning a huge amount by always reading this informative newsletter.

To keep you entertained and amused whilst playing bingo they also have a very large range of additional gambling type games available from within their software, so if you are looking to play some slot machines then you are going to be spoilt for choice as they have all o the current and most popular slots available to play.

The slot machines come in many different shapes and sizes so no matter what your preference you will find one to suit, single line classic slots are the most easiest to play and they also have the action packed slot machines that boast dozens of pay lines and plenty of various bonus feature rounds that can award things such as free spins.