90 Ball Bingo

There are lots of different types of bingo games available to play online and if you have never played these types of games before then you can get quite confused with how they all work and operate, so to give you a helping hand to get your head around the many different versions below you will find our definitive guide on 90 ball bingo.

90 Ball Bingo – This is very popular with players from the UK as it is found in bingo clubs all over Great Britain and it is one of the easiest bingo games to play. You buy bingo tickets and on each ticket you will find fifteen numbers, these fifteen numbers will be any of the numbers from one to ninety and no two numbers are repeated.

The numbers are presented in three rows across the ticket and there are five numbers in each row. The game of ninety ball bingo is played in three phases, the first part of the game is the one line game, here the bingo caller will call out one number at a time and as they appear on your ticket they are crossed off automatically by the bingo software.

The first person to get all of the numbers crossed off on one line on any ticket they have bought will win the one line cash prize which is the smallest prize on offer, then once the player has been paid the game then moves onto part two and this is where you will be playing for a two line prize.

As the name suggests the idea of this phase of the game is to try and be the very first player to manage to get crossed off any two lines on any one ticket, should you be the lucky player who manages to do just that then you win the two line prize which is worth slightly more than the one line prize.

The final and best paying part of the game is reserved for the full house segment of the game of 90 ball bingo, here all you have to do is be the first player to manage to cross off all fifteen numbers on any of your purchased 90 ball bingo tickets and you will win the highest prize.

The prizes on offer on these bingo games usually reflect the number of players playing, with the bingo site guaranteeing a minimum pay out and then a percentage of each players ticket cost is added to the jackpot pool, so the more players playing will result in bigger and better prizes.

Some 90 ball bingo games are very high paying and these are known as the progressive or jackpot games, the idea of these games is to cross off all the numbers on any one of your bingo tickets but within a certain number of balls called out,, so for example if the jackpot is described as being paid out in 38 numbers or less as long as there hasn’t been over 38 numbers called out when you call house then that big jackpot pay-out will be all yours!

It can pay to shop around from bingo site to bingo site when you are seeking somewhere to play 90 ball bingo as there are lots of different sites offering this kind of bingo games, however you need to bear in mind that the busier the site is the lesser the chance you will have of winning due to the sheer number of fellow players you are playing against.

That said however should you find a quiet site or play in the middle of the night when there are much fewer fellow players online and playing then you will stand a much better chance of winning, so it is all swings and round about really!

At the heart of each online bingo site there is a random number generator and it is this that ensure that the game is completely fair and honest, these random number generators do exactly what they are supposed to and that is to pump out a random stream of bingo ball numbers which are then called out by the dealer, these random number generators are verified and certified and audited regularly to ensure everyone has a sporting chance of having a winning session.

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They have plenty of ways you can deposit funds into and out of your bingo account and these can be by using your credit or debit card, if you are a UK based player and are looking for rapid pay outs then we highly recommend using a debit card as the fast payment system now in place in the UK means you get paid really quickly with some players getting the winnings hitting their bank accounts in a few minutes.

You may prefer to use one of the e-wallet type systems that are in place such as Neteller or Skrill as a way to either deposit or withdraw your winnings from Posh Bingo or perhaps you will opt to use a pre pay voucher such as Ukash which can be bought at any high street Pay Point or Pay Zone shop.