75 Ball Bingo

The game of 75 ball bingo is growing in popularity thanks to it being one of the fastest types of bingo games, so if you are the type of player who likes your action fast and furious then you are in luck, however if you have never come across the 90 ball bingo game before then we have compiled the following guide on how to play 75 ball bingo below so give it a good read through below and in no time at all you will be playing it!

Ok then let us begin by telling you how 75 ball bingo works and operates, well to begin with there are obviously 75 bingo balls in the bingo drum and you buy bingo cards which have 25 numbers printed up on each one, they are presented in a grid type format which five numbers being viewable in five columns across the card.

However the middle square is often deemed to be a free square and as such you may cross it off without having to wait for any number to be drawn out for that particular position.  Now in the standard game of 75 ball bingo you are simply playing for a line anywhere on the card, this could be horizontally or vertically or even the four corner numbers, this is the only prize you are playing for on each game and as such each game tends to be played very quickly resulting in more winners per hour than for example the 90 ball bingo variant.

The 75 ball bingo game is also used in bingo chat games and these are very popular with players as they add a community feeling to playing bingo online instead of it being  rather solitary pass time, how chat bingo games work as the name suggests is that they use the chat room as a way of taking part in the fun and games.

There will be a chat host or chat master as sometimes they are called and it is this person who tells you which pattern you will be playing for on the following game and it is this person who also give you little extras should you indeed go on to win the next game.

You can of course chat to all of your fellow players via the chat room and have a right good gossip or even tell  few jokes or simply wish them good luck, and many great online friendships and the occasional marriage have been made possible thanks to these chat games so who knows where you could end up!

The main attraction of playing bingo chat games apart from the chat room element is that there are literally hundreds of different playing patterns which you can play for, and these are explained to you by the chat host before the bingo games begin, however the bingo software will always keep track of your tickets for you so you will never miss out if you have bought many tickets!

One site which is well worth trying out if you want to play an amazing 300 plus different 75 ball bingo patterns is the impressive Bingo Hall  site where they have bingo chat games running non stop so you can always join in the fun and games. They are also offering a free bonus to allow you to put their 75 ball bingo games to the test so you have no excuse not to try them out.

There are a few handy tips to bear in mind when you are indeed playing 75 ball bingo and the first thing you should know that the more players that are sat down playing the lesser the chances you have of winning, so handy tip number one is to try and play at the quieter times of days as fewer players obviously means you have much more chances of actually winning.

However should you be seeking bigger and better pay-outs then why not play at the busier times of the day, with more players playing the bingo prize pool will grow and grow therefore increasing your winning pay out potential.

Make sure that you always check to see if you qualify for any bingo bonuses when you are about to make a deposit, as many of the bingo sites listed on our website offer not only new player bonuses but also reload bonuses and this is a great way to get some extra cash in your bingo balance simply by making a deposit.

75 Ball Bingo games are so very popular due to the simple fact that you will get all manner of little extras alongside the standard prize pools so when you next log into play at your favourite online bingo site do some research and find out when these chat games are playing and what little extras you can pick up simply by taking part and winning any of them you will be amazed at what some of our online bingo sites are offering as little extras.

Also some online bingo sites that offer 75 ball bingo also give out additional player bonuses simply by you using one of their preferred deposit methods, this is another great and very simple way of increasing your bingo playing bankroll and as such you could be quids in before you start to play simply by carefully choosing what method you use to und you bingo account with!

Have a good look around our site as there are many different bingo sites all of which offer the great must play game of 75 ball bingo, and do not forget that we have personally tested out each and every one of them to ensure they will meet every online bingo players very high standard in terms of getting paid quickly and such things as the fairness of their bingo games.

Which lots of no deposit bonuses up for grabs you can often discover the delights of playing 75 ball bingo at no risk to your own funds so why not give it a try today and discover all the fun and games you may have been missing out on!